Orange, Blue, Brown, And White Wedding Cupcake Tower - Montreal - August 1, 2009

Cupcakes 241-444. 7 dozen cupcakes topped with fondant decorations to match the wedding colour scheme, 4 dozen undecorated cupcakes, 6 dozen filled cupcakes in the fridge waiting until closer to dessert to make their appearance, and 1 gluten-free 6"cutting cake covered in chocolate ganache. Flavours included; chocolate orange cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, chocolate cupcakes with mexican hot chocolate buttercream, chocolate cupcakes filled with whipped cream and topped with vanilla buttercream, vanilla cupcakes with orange buttercream, vanilla cupcakes filled with boston cream and topped with chocolate buttercream, and finally gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with vanilla, chocolate, and mexican hot chocolate buttercream.
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