Borealis Storage Sofa

"This modern Klik-Klak (sleeper sofa) can be used as a sitting or sleeping surface. Hidden storage compartment in base optimizes space usage while bold tufting in square patterns on the seats adds flair. Featuring luxurious Faux Leather accented by the stitching style and the vibrant Dark brown colors that bring out the natural textures of the Klik-Klak, this Borealis Klik-Klak is sure to bring extravagance and comfort to your home at a great price. Features:Dimensions: 72" W x 37" D x 35" H Color: Dark brownPositions: Sleep, Upright Special Features: Luxurious stitching design, Faux leather, 2 different positionings, square pattern tufting, storage space in baseMaterials: Wood, veneers, metal composite, polyurethane, stitching thread, filling fiberIncludes: Klik-Klak"
Burke Decor

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