Mazzali: Bora Bora Bed / Il Letto Bora Bora. Bedrooms Area

The “Bora Bora” bed of Mazzali is in plywood and solid wood without metal elements (magnetic free); oak and cherry veneer, water-based paint. Available in 116 coulors. Plywood and solid wood exclusively from well managed forest, The industrial project focused mostly on aspects related to the concept of sustainable development, design and respect for personal well-being that constitute the most relevant strong point of the business strategy. To this view, product lifespan, low environmental impact, eco friendly interior design and low solvent emissions are the tenets that dictated development. TECHNICAL CARD supports: solid wood top: plywood veneered sides: solid wood WOOD Oak and cherry SOLUTIONS single double large SPECIAL DETAILS No metal parts ENVIRONMENT wood from well managed forest, low impact and low emission finishing :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Il letto Bora Bora di Mazzali è costruito in listellare e multistrato attraverso l'incastro di elementi a secco nell'assenza totale di parti metalliche. MATERIALI Pianale: listellare e multistrato Supporti: legno massello Bordi: legno massello ESSENZE rovere e ciliegio FINITURE Laccato 100% acqua, Rovere all’acqua, Decapè, Ciliegio naturale, Olio vegetale COLORI: 116 AMBIENTE: Legno a riforestazione programmata; vernici all’acqua a minima emissione di solvente
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